Various weapons can be used in jujitsu but only by higher grades. Set moves are usually practised alone in a stylised form called kata, rather than used against a partner.

Katana and Bokken

A Bokken (also called Bokto) is a wooden replica sword. It was introduced as a training tool in order to allow non-lethal strikes to be exchanged by training partners. The Bokken was eventually replaced by the Shinai which is the weapon used in modern kendo matches.

The Bokken is used in training in two ways – to practice weapon taking techniques for traditional jujitsu and also to improve upper body strength and grip.

The Katana is only used in the kime no kata within the Goshin Jitsu syllabus.


The Jo is a short staff that is usually about 4 foot in length, although this may vary depending on the size of the user.

It is thought to have been developed by Muso Gonnosuke Katsuyoshi after being defeated by Miyamoto Musashi in a sword duel. The idea of the Jo is to be able to fight against a sword wielding opponent.

Because the Jo has no blade, point or sharp edge it makes it a very versatile weapon. All the Jo techniques are designed to teach a student important skills to assist in unarmed techniques. (tai jitsu)


A staff usually about 6 foot long. The Bo is used in a paired kata in the Goshin Jitsu syllabus. It is a very heavy and unwieldy weapon but one that delivers very powerful strikes at a distance.


The Tanto or (Tanken) is a small single edged knife. This weapon is employed in several kata of the Goshin Jitsu syllabus as well as in the Kyu grade syllabus.

Shenley Jujitsu Club does not teach knife fighting of any description. It is included in the syllabus as a training tool for teaching knife defence and disarming techniques.


A weapon commonly taught in the karate Kobudo systems and originating from Okinowa. The weapon is a cut down rice flail and requires skill and concentration to use.

The Nunchaku is only included once in the Goshin Jitsu syllabus and is taught in order to teach students to learn key skills such as concentration and dexterity.