We train on a number of crash mats, like those used by gymnasts, pushed together to form a large area about 6×10 metres. A typical evening is usually as shown below, but it is quite informal and is often changed to match the skills of the attendees. A session lasts an hour and a half for both juniors and seniors.

Warmup exercises

Stretching the muscles and loosening up the joints so that the later throws and holds will not cause injury.


As there are many throws in Jujitsu, it is vital to know how to break a fall when being thrown without getting hurt. Everyone lines up and does each of the various break falls. Beginners practice to one side to watch how it should be done. When they feel confident they may join the main line for the breakfalls each week.


Each person performs the same throw on everyone else in a line, watched by a sensei who can pick out problems and help hone technique. This is usually repeated for several different throws. New techniques Often, the group splits into pairs and the sensei shows a few more advance moves that can be practised.


For the last half an hour or so, each person concentrates on the throws, holds and locks of their particular syllabus. Usually pairs of similar grades work together, calling for help from those of a higher grade if unsure of a particular point.